The Jackalopper Dragon

Who ever heard of a Jackalopper Dragon?

What is a Jackalopper Dragon?

Where do they come from?

Where do they live?

What do they do?

Quite frankly, I am trying to figure this out too!

I’ve been studying Jackalopper Dragons and in my research so far I have learned that Jackalopper Dragons are very secretive. They really do not like to be seen by strangers, hunters, vacationers, sight-seers, or casual dragon enthusiasts. This makes Jackalopper Dragon research insanely difficult.

Jackalopper Dragons are dragon egg stealers. You see, they really like hatching, raising, looking after, and playing with young dragons. So they sneak around looking for unattended dragon eggs, snatch them up, and take them back to their lairs.

Stealing dragon eggs isn’t exactly safe. Have you ever tried it? I have and it did not turn out well. I have the scars and burns to prove it. But Jackalopper Dragons are really good at it. So what’s their secret?

Do you really want to know their secret? Alright, I’ll tell you.

Jackalopper Dragons can go invisible. Seriously! They really can! Invisibility. That’s their key! They can disappear without a trace. Not even a shadow! How do you figure that? And what’s more, when they disappear, anything they are carrying disappears too. This proves very handy when it comes to stealing dragon eggs.

I remember it was mid-June, just last year when I first encountered a Jackalopper Dragon. I had traveled ten days into the Drackish Mountains and had seen a Sky Dragon suddenly appear in the evening twilight on a mountainside and take to flight. I hiked and climbed most of the night until I came to the place where I had seen the Sky Dragon appear. Sure enough, I found the crack of a cave which was the suspected entrance to the dragon’s lair.

I crept in cautiously. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweating as they grasped my Dragon Staff. At the end of a narrow passage, I came to a large cavern that looked like it had been hollowed out and enlarged by a Mountain Troll not too long ago. I suddenly thought I heard something and so I extinguished my light and dropped to my hands and knees in the pitch blackness of the cave. It was then that I realized that the sound wasn’t in front, but from behind me!

I hastily scrambled to the side and hid behind a large boulder. And that’s when I saw it: the Jackalopper Dragon!

It had a faint glow in the darkness which it seemed able to control just by thinking about it. The dragon scurried past me into the cavern. Peeping over my boulder I saw the dragon pause, sniff the air, then dart to the far side of the cavern where it quickly grasped a bluish-green dragon egg from a nest of twigs and leaves. That’s when the Jackalopper Dragon saw me!

Our eyes met, gazing at one another from across the cavern. Just for a few seconds the dragon considered me, then it bared its teethe in a rascally grin, then simply disappeared. Gone! A moment later, I felt the dragon rush past me into the passage then out into the night.

A few months later, I related this experience to an ancient wizard friend of mine who generally lives over on the West side of the Drackish Mountains. The Wizard Randollin is his name. Anyhow, it was he that told me a little bit more about the Jackalopper Dragons. There aren’t very many of them, he said. And they are rarely seen by anyone. They have a few friends among the fairy creatures, the Drufflepugs, in particular, who like to play with them and who seem able to communicate best with them the best. I really don’t know why.

Well, I’ll tell you more about the Jackalopper Dragons as soon as I can. If you suspect or learn anything about them, please let me know in the comments below. Right now, I am collecting the details for a short story about a Jackalopper Dragon which I am hoping to publish sometime next year.

* * *

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